Who We Are

Soccer Coach Georgia

Alex soccer is true soccer experience. Soccer education, knowledge and culture is what makes the difference in your game. Alex has been privy to have known and lived with a world class soccer player in his own home. Father Alex Sr. played on the Ecuadorian national team and played professional on one of South America’s top soccer clubs. Emelec. Alex also played soccer in New York’s finest soccer clubs. On his youth for one of the best clubs in America, oceanside united in the 90s was home to many national team players and the pride of long island. Soon after he attended Nassau community college where he helped his team get the regional playoffs. In 1990 Alex transferred to Syracuse university where he walked onto the Big East championship team under coach Tim Hatkins. After college life Alex returned to his home in New York and played semi pro in the years to come. Through the years Alex coached and trained some of America’s top talents. Working in one of America’s top 20 clubs, Albertson soccer club, many players have gone onto MLS, Europe and our very own Women’s World Cup champions. Having spent 20 plus years playing coaching and learning from international experiences and acquiring national level licenses from our federation, Alexsoccer has developed his own recipe for success and wants to share it with you.