Game Assessment

Georgia Soccer Coach

Training is only one part of success in your development, Games are a valuable part of growth in soccer. Games and training need to be linked and Assessments need to be made on and off the field. This will allow for faster growth in the players fundamental development in the Five pillars which makes up a soccer player, the five pillars are; technical, tactical, physical, psychological, and lifestyle.

Training can be done perfectly however, if the connection is not made in games then we are not doing our best for players. Taking a good look at the performance of a player at least once a every season is the minimum required in order to get the best out of a player. Unfortunately, most coaches just do not have the Psychology background it takes to assess the player or the time to put into a single player when they have 15 to 18 to worry about. Most coaches focus on other parts of the game. In order to truly get a good look at the physical and psychological part of the player we need to see them under pressure so we can help them deal with their obstacles and setbacks they are encountering in their development.