Atlanta Georgia Soccer Coach

Based in the north of Atlanta, Alex soccer brings to Georgia over twenty years of top-shelf training. Passionate about being active, healthy and developing the proper body mechanics has made Alex soccer one of the best in the field. Growing up with a father who played at the world class level, and having lived in the culture of soccer; Alex has the experience and the pedigree that separates him from most trainers in America. Alex soccer can bring out the best in you. It is no secret that I’m also extremely passionate about the game and ready to help my clients significantly improve theirs. I’ve been told I’m tough but understanding, and I give each player the individual guidance they need to reach their potential. Join Alex soccer today!

Alex Soccer – Soccer Coaching & Group Classes

Small Group Training

This class offers a new and exciting approach to your soccer training. Alex soccer has developed its Group Sessions to be intense, competitive and fun. Proper form and body mechanics are addressed in the sessions in order to help your child develop at a faster rate. Assessments will be done and expectations will be met.

College bound

Intense Sessions are a great choice to improve your athletic performance. These classes are for the college-bound athlete. The athlete will be put through rigorous workloads and finite technical repetition, in order to prepare him or her for college-level soccer. Sessions are 3 to 6 months of consistent work.


One on One Lessons

Kids Classes

Small Group Training

Intense Training